Onto the next problem

Posted on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 5:29pm by Lieutenant Lon Genestra

Mission: Collision or Allison?
Location: Space

Through the viewscreen streaks of starlight outside snapped back into pinpricks as the shuttlecraft dropped out of warp. The pilot, an Andorian, turned in their seat and looked back towards their passenger. "We've arrived, Lieutenant."

Lon sat to the rear of the vessel, paging through the information on the PaDD in his hands. He'd questioned the posting: he was a researcher not an investigator; this was a policing assignment and he'd helped steal a Starfleet vessel. They'd told him he had the right skill set for the work: the right man at the right time. He'd been given a choice - take a demotion and accept the position or leave Starfleet.

He approached the problem as he always did: breaking it down; analysing it; building a hypothesis; testing it; forming a conclusion.

Put together the path forward was clear.

Things went off the trail quickly with his personal belongings being delayed on route from Betazed. An ill omen to the superstitious. To Lon an inconvenience. At least Starfleet had provided him with information on his new assignment. Time enough to read while he waited for the Vigilant to return. Time cut short.

The call had come through early in the morning. It interrupted breakfast. The Vigilant was diverting course and Lon was to be shipped out to meet them. Leaving immediately.

Such situations were hardly unusual and Lon was a practiced hand at throwing together a travel bag. He'd noted with wry amusement that the process had been by the continued absence of personal effects. Before long he was aboard the shuttle and headed to warp. The trip would be a short one.

The voice of the pilot brought Lon out of his thoughts. The reason for the diversion now sat apparent, square in the centre of the viewscreen. Artificial eyes took the scene in. "Oh."