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Plans are Upset, Again.

Posted on Thu Oct 28th, 2021 @ 12:24pm by Captain Gary Jaramillo & Lieutenant Commander Vic Hebron & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Brock Porter & Lieutenant Kennedy Monroe M.D. & Lieutenant Absinthe (Abby) Harper & 1st Lieutenant Reil Seriah

Mission: Collision or Allison?
Location: Conference Room A

Gary paced at the end of the conference room, his mind too busy to sit down for the moment. He looked out among all the senior staff already assembled in the room. They had left the science station approximately twelve hours ago, making their way back to the nearest space station to transfer the evidence over for further examination. The Vigilant moved steadily down the routine shipping lanes. Gary imagined the ship cutting smoothly through space, like a nautical vessel. He shook his head slightly, his mind returning to the conversation at hand.

"Once we are back to the space station, we will turn over the evidence. Apparently Starfleet believes they need a better handle than us investigating the evidence at hand. They've also dispatched a ship to do a further detailed analysis of the station," Gary said to the team in front of him.

Porter sat in his usual place.

Abby entered the conference lounge late, sliding a cup of coffee on the table in front of the pacing Captain before heading toward an empty seat, setting several PaDD's in front of her before setting down her own coffee and glancing around. "Apparently Starfleet has their heads firmly in their own nebulas," she muttered before taking a sip of her coffee and leaning back in her chair, crossing her legs and wrapping both hands around her coffee mug.

"Not that I would presume any of you would be doing unauthorized poking around or analysis after Starfleet ordered our return," He started, "But what are we looking at right now with the information?"

Abby's eyebrow arched slightly as she caught the Captain's attention turning toward her. "Who? Me?" she asked, feigning innocence before casting a glance toward Vic. "Captain I should be offended that you think I would violate direct orders from Starfleet."

Gary raised an eyebrow, but didn't respond verbally to Abby's comment. It didn't warrant response.

"Speaking of violating direct orders from Starfleet," Hel piped up, arms folded over each other, kicking back in her chair. "Do we have to turn over all the evidence? Like, they don't need that Quarkson mark IV spectrum resequencer, and it'd - " beat " - well, they don't strictly need it to figuring out what the lab was doing."

Vic saw the look from Abby. "Selective memory?". He asked but didn't wait for an answer. "Tell him about the fake ship you found.". He then turned to Hel. " We need to turn in everything we have and any information we optained during the mission.". He gave his two sense and left it at that.

"Can't lie to command and not tell them what happened or what we found." said Porter.

"Right, because that'll be easy to do. Just tell the entire away team to lie about the mission, omission or otherwise." Reil snorted, "That icebreaker sailed a while ago, right around the time you chose to double the away team size with Security against Captain's orders." She barely kept herself from adding what she wanted to say after that.

The Marine shook her head, "We have plenty of time to log what we've found and conduct an investigation. Starfleet Command likely isn't interested too much in the case. But, and I may be out of line, Captain, can't you at least ask to investigate a ship that may have been involved in an attack on a Federation station? Seems to me if our mission is to patrol the border, we would be ignoring the obvious predator under the next snow bank."

Abby sighed. "You can report this to command all you want," she said calmly. "Reality is, I doubt any one of them have the requisite brain cells needed to comprehend the reality of what they're going to be looking at." She paused, another sip of coffee, a sigh of contentment. "Whoever is behind this has deep pockets. They're good, very good. Doing their damndest to look legit, and it nearly worked."

Another sip as Abby leaned back in her seat, eyes firmly fixed on the CO. "The IKS maQmIgh is the Klingon ship that passes regularly through this trade corridor, the ship we've seen diverting off the trade corridor. At least, that's what they want you to think." Another sip. "I... uhhh.. I acquired some sensor logs from another source... They want you to think that this is a D5 class vessel, but it's not. Audio obtained from the same source would indicate at first glance that the crew on the IKS maQmIgh are Klingon, but I'll bet dollars to donuts that they're not. The dialect is off and the vocal inflections are just not quite right. They want to look Klingon, and so far it seems they've gotten away with it... but it's all a facade."

She leaned forward, shifting through the PaDD's she'd brought in before giving one a shove, watching it slide across the table toward the Captain. "Also... once the ship deviates from the trade corridor they don't come back. That, to me, indicates there's another way out that they're using to escape detection."

"Intriguing," Gary replied, sipping the coffee that was put before him. He had long since stopped pacing, leaning on the back of his chair at the head of the table. "So we have an organized group that is in the least trafficking, or making, drugs." He pondered the thought, allowing the silence for everyone to think. "Without going against orders," He prefaced, "Continue updating me on anything new. Our area of operation will keep us in the area, and I'd like to make sure we don't get caught flat footed."

He stood straight up to stretch his back, sighing slightly as he resumed his normal posture. "Any questions on that front before we move into department reports?"

"There's ... no ship that doesn't leave behind a trace. Even if they found a way to mask their entire subspace signature or warp trail and made like a hole in space, a hole is still something I can tweak our sensors to track," Hel mused, sitting more upright as she did, giving Abby a nod. "If you can figure out how they're making like a hole, I'm sure I can figure something out to track them regardless. It's what I do, figure stuff out."

"If there's anything I can do to assist, I'm willing to help. Hopefully, though, we won't need my Marines. That would mean there would be a direct confrontation..." She trailed off. The point hung in the air - if the Marines had to take point, diplomacy would have to fail entirely.

Abby offered a nod to both Hel and Reil in response. "I'll let you both know," she said simply.

=/\= Captain, Bridge =/\= Came a voice across the intercom. The voice was uneasy, but not alarmed. =/\= Receiving distress signal, updated information reports two vessels collided in the shipping lane ahead of us, three hours at our present speed. =/\=

Tapping his badge, Gary acknowledged. "Well, looks like we all get relief out of continuing the meeting. Prepare your departments."

"And that's my queue to get the hell outta dodge. Y'all have fun now, ya hear?" Abby bundled her PaDD's, all except the one she had slid over to the Captain and stood up.

Porter stood up and followed the others to the bridge. When he arrived on the bridge, he moved to the security console, and ordered his people to stand by.

"Since we didn't get to department reports I want them sent to my office by end of shift so Captain and I can go over them." Vic said as people started to leave.

Gary chuckled quietly to himself at the notion of actually reading department reports.

"Yes, sir," Kennedy replied in acknowledgment. Up until that point, she had remained silent. It wasn't because she was disinterested or shy, but partly because she was still finding her place amongst the crew and partly because she was interested in observing the dynamic amongst the senior staff without her influence. Now supervising both the medical and counseling departments, she knew it was even more important to get to know the people she worked with and the crew she served before jumping in with both feet.


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