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Replacing the Badge

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 2:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Vic Hebron & Lieutenant Hel Samedi

Mission: Science Reroutes First Patrol
Location: USS Vigilant-Engineering

Vic was swamped with report after report from the last away mission and subsequent encounter. He was pretty sure he disliked this part of the job the most. He had gotten up from behind the desk to stretch for a bit when his office door slide open and the Quartermaster was there.

"Sir, I have a replacement Comm badge for the Chief engineer." He said as he held out a PADD.

Vic turned to his desk which had the mountain of PADDs. "Not sure if you noticed I have plenty of those." He said as he reached out and took it.

"Starfleet regs say that any replacement equipment being issued to Senior staff need your authorization, Sir." He said realizing the towering Brikarian may be a bit over worked right now.

"Well this one I can sign and it doesn't have to go in the pile." He said as he made his mark and handed it back. "I was just reading the incident report about the last badge and if you don't mind I will take the new one down to Engineering because I wouldn't mind talking to them about some of the particulars of the incident."

The Quartermaster nodded as he handed the black box with the badge over to the XO and then found his way to the door. Vic made sure there was nothing pressing and soon exited himself headed for Main Engineering.


Hel was in her office, sitting back with a cup of coffee. Some calm music was playing as she was reading a book. Though at Vic's entrance to engineering she looked up and over, setting the book aside and motioning him over.

Vic loved the hum of the warp core. He didn't get down here just cause he felt very cramped and didn't have any clue what most of this stuff did down here. He had struggled through both Engineering and Operation courses in the academy. He made his way over to Hel and tossed the box down on the table in front of her. "You can scrap the temp badge here is a fully functioning one." He said with a grin.

"Oh, hey, nice. Been waiting on that," Hel smiled, unclipping her temp badge and attaching the real replacement. "Been feeling naked without. Thanks. How's things on the bridge?"

"The real ones really have a lot more presence to them." He quipped about the badge. "As for the bridge no clue I have been swamped in my office dealing with all the incident and after action reports and used the delivery as a way to get out from the desk. Also wanted to check on you and commend you and the quick thinking you did down there."

"Well, thank you for the kind words. I'm fine, things are well down here. Just enjoying a cuppa joe and some light reading. Psychological supernatural horror, the latest from G'endar Tm'org," Hel mused, holding up the book. The cover showed a woman, scratched and bleeding, a look of utter terror on her face. "He's one of my main inspirations for my own writing, you know."

Vic was pleased to learn something new about the crew. "I was unaware you were a serious writer. But now thinking about it all your reports are impeccable so it makes since that its kinda your thing." He said looking at the warp core and then back to Hel.

"I am. Well, amateur writer, I'd say. Still, published, won a few minor awards," she mused, rising from her chair and walking over to the replicator. "Computer, one copy of 'The torment of Gwendolyn' by Alice L. Merriweather, please,", handing the book over to Vic after it materialized. "That one won me the Brandywine award for psychological horror. Still quite proud with how that one turned out."

Vic took the book and turned it over looking at the back of the cover. "It has been a while since I have held a physical book." He said as he flipped it back over to the front cover. He looks at Hel with a quizative look. "Merriweather?"

"Pseudonym. Can't put my real name on horror books. 'Hel Samedi'. People would throw a fit and accuse me of trying too hard with my pen name," Hel smirked. "Want something to drink?"

"No I am good." Vic responded as he put the book down. "So what made you think of the subspace bomb?" He asked curious about how the mind of the Engineer made it from A to B.

"Spur of the moment thing, really," Hel offered as she sat back down, reclining in her comfy chair and taking a sip of her coffee. "I needed something to disrupt their transporter. Remembered transporters use subspace scanners to lock on to objects. Comm badges have a highly compact power cell, a subspace transceiver and some safeties to ensure correct operation. So I took my badge, disabled the safeties and opened a channel to the ship. Without safeties the power cell overloaded from the power draw, and with a subspace channel open - well, the rest is history."

"You make it sound so easy but I can guarantee if over half this crew was down there they would have stood watching that station get picked clean and would have only been able to sit there watching. And that includes me. I can't punch a transport stream." Vic admitted. "And now we can process everything that was left to see if we can figure what and who was using the station."

"That's why I'm chief engineering. I think of stupid, off-the-wall shit like that," Hel grinned. "I've done all the analysis I could on what we recovered. Unfortunately they made off with a lot of materials and equipment. Most of what's left are various machines used in the making of drugs, habit-forming substances. We busted a drug operation."

"I am hoping Intel or Security instigative team can come up with the who is involved in all this. If we have someone pedaling addictive poison to people in the area that is a problem." Vic wanted to stop this due to what he had seen on his home world.

"Yeah. That'd be good to know. That's outside my wheelhouse though, I just work machines. And sometimes blow them up," Hel mused. "Speaking of which, I hope my little commbadge shenanigans didn't cause any issues up here with the channel being open when it blew? No harmful feedback?"

"From what I am told no lasting issues just some sore ear drums and people scared about what was happening to everyone down there." Vic offered. "Well I am glad you made it back in one piece and thank you again. I am headed to see if I can find some answers to the questions that we have left."

"Of course," Hel smiled, putting her feet up. "If you need any help with the equipment, deeper analysis, trying to get it working to get some answers, I'll be here."

Vic grabbed his new book and gave a nod as he carefully made his way out of the Engineering and back into the dull greyish halls of the ship.


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