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Dinner and Drinks

Posted on Sun Oct 17th, 2021 @ 10:02pm by Lieutenant Absinthe (Abby) Harper & Lieutenant Brock Porter

Mission: Science Reroutes First Patrol
Location: Ships Lounge
Timeline: Prior to Everything Current

2000 hours arrived, and Brock was waiting for Abby to arrive...unless she stood him up.

It was maybe fifteen after by the time Abby arrived. Not because of indifference, but simply because she found herself immersed in a number of episodes of space pirates in space.

Taking the time to run back by her quarters quickly, Abby showered and changed into civilian clothing before heading down to the lounge to meet with Brock. As she walked into the lounge her gaze immediately fell on him, waiting patiently at the bar. She offered him a grin as she walked across to him. "Sorry, hope I didn't keep you waiting too long. Work happened."

"You're more then worth the wait." Brock responded. "You look beautiful tonight." He paused. "Shall we get a table?"

"Sounds good," Abby replied with an easy smile as she stepped in next to him. "On the bright side, at least the main dinner rush should be over, so things should definitely be a little quieter at this time. I don't know about you, but sometimes crowded places really push my nerves."

Brock led her to a table, and pulled a chair out for her. "I find that if I concentrate on my breathing, being in a crowd doesn't bother me." He sat in the chair next to her's. He signaled a server, and the server came over.

She looked at Abby, then looked at Brock. She smiled at Brock. "Can I get you anything?"

"I'll start with a Long Island Iced Tea," Abby ordered. "Then I'll have the rib eye, bone in. Loaded baked potato on the side, extra bacon, extra sour cream, and fried brussel sprouts." She looked back toward Brock. "You?"

Brock looked at the server. "I'll have the meatloaf, with fries and a small salad. And a large glass of iced green tea, please." The server nodded and sped away. Then he looked at Abby. "That's a lot off food. How do you keep lookin so beautiful?"

"Food is meant to be enjoyed," she responded with a shrug, reaching up to tuck her hair back behind a pointed ear, revealing a delicate gold d'ja pagh. "Life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Eat the cake, drink the wine, laugh and be merry."

"We have a saying on Earth that is similiar...'eat, live, love'." Brock smiled at her. Then the server brought their order and placed it in front of them. Brock looked at the server. "Thank you." The server responded. "You very welcome." and gave him another smile, with a wink included.

"Really? I always thought the Earth expression was Live, Laugh, Love. But you know, eat should definitely be in there. Food is the single greatest pleasure the universe can bring." She paused as her drink arrived, picking it up and taking a sip. "Though, to be fair, it can also be the single greatest horror as well."

"We all need food to survive, in one form or another. We all should laugh, at least once a day.....laughing releases endorphins, which makes a person feel good. And love...that doesn't need an explanation, does it?" He smiled at her.

"I'll take your word for it," Abby replied with a laugh. "So you're originally from Earth then?" she queried.

"Yes, I am. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, North America, United States." He answered. "You?"

"I grew up all over the place," she said with a shrug. "My parents liked to move a lot so I've lived all over. I think I was born somewhere near Cardassia, but I've lived on Qonos, Bajor, Betazed, Vulcan... did a small stint on Earth at a boarding school until I got expelled. My parents are, well, I guess you could call them a bit unique? They are very not traditional."

He sipped his drink as her looked over the rim of the glass at her. "I must say that you are a fascinating and beautiful woman, but I'm sure you hear that often." The compliment was an honest one.

"And you're only just figuring that out?" Abby replied with a laugh. "I guess in some ways, growing up the way I did was a good thing, it was a strong reason I ended up in Intelligence. We moved so much and spent so much time on other worlds, around other cultures I got a pretty good understanding of a lot of races at a very early age, not to mention an impressive set of language skills, which, actually, is how I got expelled... so I guess that blessing is a mixed bag."

"Impressive background. And I always find an attractive woman who is very sure of herself, very interesting." He smiled at her. "Another drink?"

"Sure," she gave a nod. "So what made you join Starfleet?"

"Typical frontiers....sounds like the recruiting poster doesn't it?"

Abby laughed. "Sounds like it. Security? Was that always your goal?"

He looked at her. "I joined Starfleet because it's a challenge. My whole life, I set goals for myself. Do well in school...check. Do well in the Academy...check. It seemed to me that the greatest challenge in the service is security. You're in charge of protecting the captain, the ship, the crew. Security is the first one to run into trouble. That's what I wanted......maybe it's the ultimate challenge...maybe one day leading to me being in the center chair."

"Lofty goals," Abby replied, pausing to take a sip of her drink. "So you set constant goals to keep yourself going... and you have a fancy yourself to be a bit of a super hero? Rushing into the fray to save those in distress." She shrugged slightly. "Interesting..."

"A superhero? No.....but I like running into danger to save damels in distress." He smiles.

"Ah, but not all damsels are in distress and need saving," Abby replied pointedly. "Some of us quite enjoy trouble."

"Then you'll like me...I'm nothing but trouble." He took a sip of his drink. "How about for our second date, we have a romantic, candlelit dinner in my quarters?"

Abby raised an eyebrow slightly. "How about dinner in the lounge," she replied. "Where I have a public presence, to protect my virtue and innocence," she smirked. "Saturday night, twenty hundred hours."

"Madam, I am an officer and a gentleman. Your virtue and innocence would be safe with me in my quarters." Brock looked at her and smiled.

Abby finished her drink and set the empty glass on the table before standing up. She took two steps toward him, leaning in to speak in a hushed whisper, her long hair falling down to curtain her face from anyone else that may have been paying attention. "I don't worry about either my virtue or my innocence. I can kill you in a dozen different ways and have it look like a complete accident... IF anyone was to ever find your body," she murmured softly before straightening up. "Thanks for dinner Lieutenant, it was enjoyable. See you Saturday night." Without waiting for a response, Abby smiled and headed for the door.

Brock watched her ass as she walked out of the room, and smiled, and he muttered....."the lady likes me." He ordered another drink and when it came, he sipped it.


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