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1st Lieutenant Reil Seriah

Name Reil Seriah

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Awards

Award Ribbon Rack Wood Plank “Tour “Six

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 4' 11"
Weight 122 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green (Artificial)
Physical Description Though her physical stature may not show it, Seriah is quite fit and prides herself on that. While she does bear the trademark ridges of a Bajoran, she does not wear the typical earring - both due to her childhood and for practical reasons. There is evidence around her eyes of some scarring, and her eyes, being artificial, are green but a little unnaturally so.


Father Captain Tholin ch'Rone (ret.) - Adoptive Father, Retired, Former Captain, USS Talbot
Mother Commander Krilen zh'Chenda (ret.) - Adoptive Mother, Retired, Starfleet Academy Instructor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seriah was born Bajoran but after the former refugee camp turned colony she was born on was attacked by Cardassians, she was adopted by an Andorian family. As a result, she tends to display more of her adoptive culture's traits rather than her Bajoran heritage. Due to an accident that cost her the use of her eyes, she now has prosthetic cybernetic models, much like the ones used by Commander Geordi LaForge on the Enterprise-E.
Strengths & Weaknesses Seriah's greatest strength lies in her greatest weakness. Living among a new race, all traces of her own past burned away in an attack that had no meaning or reason but hate, she embraced the Ten Virtues, ancient pillars of Andorian virtues that form the basis of Andorian honor and courage. Between that, and following her adoptive parents into Starfleet, Seriah is committed to pushing against the darkness and sparing others the pain she suffered. But it means that she threw herself into serving something greater than herself to ignore herself and her pain. She stands by her word, she will never leave anyone behind or shirk from her duty, but she now is finding how empty she left herself.

Seriah struggles with making friends off duty and has few hobbies of her own. In all reality, if it wasn't for the Marines, she is quite lonely and struggles with the fact she doesn't want to face herself anymore so she doesn't hurt from losing her family in a hateful attack. As well, her anger has had to be professionally addressed on several occasions, though after the accident that blinded her, she has calmed down more and has typically isolated incidents.
Ambitions Seriah simply wants to stay in the Marines and continue to protect others. How far she goes is not that important, though she knows in order to stay in, she does need to move up occasionally. If she could end her career like her adoptive parents, that would be a good ending, but she doesn't like to think of retirement because there's nothing outside of the Marines waiting for her.
Hobbies & Interests Throwing herself into her work has left her with few hobbies, but during her accident, she did choose learning music as a means of recovery. She vowed to learn the piano even if she was going to be blind forever, and has done quite well with it. Seriah is hoping she can pick up another instrument or two, but there are times she will just lose herself listening to music from across the Quadrant.

Otherwise, Seriah tends to keep herself up to date on what developments are being made for the Marines to keep herself up to speed on tactics and equipment, as well as studying older tactics to see what the past can do to help her be a better commander.

Personal History Reil Seriah was born in a Bajoran refugee camp along the Cardassian DMZ in 2364. She was only 18 months old when a Cardassian unit decided to take out some frustrations and burn down the camp. When the USS Tacoma responded to the threat 7 hours later, Seriah was among 12 survivors, none of them were her family and no one was interested or able to take her in from those 12. The Tacoma's Tactical Officer, Tholin ch'Rone, decided he would adopt the abandoned baby. His wife was all too happy to hear this, they had been struggling to start a family on their own.

Seriah would be raised on Andoria, where she struggled against more than just the cold. She fit in with neither the Andorian or Anear children, and she was quickly growing into being an angry and stubborn child. Her parents taught her the Ten Virtues to give her clarity, but they struggled to give her much information about her Bajoran heritage. By the time she was a teenager, she had no interest in Bajoran culture, she had gravitated almost fully towards Andorian culture. This helped her curb her anger and sorrow, but she needed more and her parents suggested Starfleet. But she wanted the most dangerous assignments to go out with a bang.

In 2382, she was accepted into Starfleet Academy as a Marine officer candidate. Once more, Seriah found something to redirect her pain and suffering into a useful conduit - serving something greater than herself. For the first time, she was now being exposed to other Bajorans, but she made a point of avoiding other Bajorans where possible. She was self-describing herself as a "pink Andorian", and tended to get into fights with anyone who argued the point. But by the skin of her teeth, she graduated and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Seriah's record quickly became one that superior officers had a hard time with. On the one hand, she was great technically with excellent scores for marksmanship, close quarter combat drills, combat first aid and could lead Marines in a fight. But outside of a fight, she was hot headed, more than a few times she was thrown in the brig for resolving an argument with a right hook across the jaw. She was insubordinate to officers she felt didn't respect her and it was hard to tell what slight would be the one that sets her off. But the Marines were fast losing patience with her. Skills were fine but if she couldn't fit in, she was going to soon be out.

After four years in, she was still a 2nd Lieutenant and facing the possibility of being mustered out. But then her life went upside down in a split second. While conducting a standard phaser rifle target practice session, a faulty capacitor exploded in her face. Though the majority of the damage was easily repaired, her eyes were ruined. The shrapnel and the flash had done considerable damage and alienating herself from every Bajoran at her posting meant getting donor genetic material wasn't a possibility. As such, she would have to have prosthetic cybernetic implants.

She would spend two years in rehabilitation, where Seriah soon realized just how empty her life was and how dark her future was if she couldn't stay with the Marines. Music became her way to recover, but finally, she realized she had to learn how to fix herself. She took time to go to Bajor, to learn more of herself. A Vedek gladly took time to try and educate her of the people she had shut out of her life, but he also encouraged her to still keep to her Andorian ideals. Before return, she was given the chance to see one of the Orbs of the Celestial Temple. It gave her a vision, though to this day, she doesn't say much about what it was, just that it was deeply confusing and she still can't make sense of it yet.

Seriah returned to active duty in 2390 and started to show a change in her behavior. Now her personal capabilities were starting to come to the same level as her technical skills. She still had room to grow, but now the Marines were willing to let her prove she had changed. She made First Lieutenant within short order and Captain was within her grasp. Seriah was assigned to the USS Vigilant to show just how far she had come, but even she admits that she has a long way to come.
Service Record 2382 - Enrolled, Starfleet Academy, Marine Track
2386 - Graduated, Starfleet Academy. Commissioned, 2nd Lieutenant, Starfleet Marines. Assigned, Marine Detachment, USS Independence
2386 - Reprimand, Assault
2387 - Reprimand, Assault and Conduct Unbecoming
2387 - Reprimand, Insubordination. Reassigned, Marine Detachment, USS Bonhomme Richard
2388 - Reprimand, Assault of Superior Officer, Reassigned, Marine Detachment, USS Gagarin
2390 - Medical Rehabilitation
2392 - Returned to Duty. Assigned, Marine Detachment, Starbase 39-Sierra
2394 - Reassigned, Marine Detachment, USS Vigilant