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Lieutenant Lon Genestra

Name Lon Genestra

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Awards

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75 m
Weight 63.6 kg
Hair Color greying brown
Eye Color light blue
Physical Description A humanoid of medium height and build with shoulder length brown hair, shot through with grey, and an equally greying full brown beard. He lacks the black irises typical of Betazoids, having a pair of artificial eyes with light blue irises.


Spouse Steye Emome (divorced), Rayora Tra (divorced)
Children Navari Emome (daughter) Sinan Ocho (son)
Father Aatin Genestra
Mother Hiannanne Genestra
Brother(s) Itittam Sea (younger brother)
Sister(s) Lwaxana Genestra (twin sister)
Other Family Hiannanne Ocho (granddaughter)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pragmatic and practical, Lon tends not to speak unless he has something important to say. Unless you know him well, in which case it can sometimes be difficult to shut him up. A little on the cold side for a Betazoid due to his low empathic abilities. Has a wry sense of humour, fond of puns.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ innovative

+ inquisitive

+ limited telekinetic powers

- Subpar empath

- easily distracted by new research ideas

- recovering chocoholic
Ambitions To master the ancient teachings on telekinesis. To find the people responsible for the Hellas III Atrocity.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, swordsmanship, science!

Personal History Born into the sixth house of Betazed Lon, displayed an affinity for the sciences from an early age. He was withdrawn for a Betazoid infant something that was likely since Lon’s empathic abilities were far below the average for the species. His parents were concerned that he might not develop telepathic abilities at all and considered shipping Lon to a less telepathy centred culture.

Lon enrolled at the University of Betazed as soon as he was able. He would leave 13 years later having completed two doctorates: one is science the other in engineering. He was offered a postdoctoral position, but turned it down favouring the opportunity to enrol in Starfleet Academy, feeling that it presented a better opportunity for him to see and experience new and interesting phenomena.

It was at Starfleet Academy that Lon met and fell in love with Steye Emome. The pair would marry while serving aboard the USS Slayton and shortly after welcome a daughter, Navari. the Slayton saw action during the Federation-Cardassian war, during which time Lon received an award for valour. The war left a mark on the Betazoid scientist and he developed an addiction to chocolate. The substance abuse led to the end of his marriage and transfer to the USS Apollo.

In 2368 would marry Sinan Ocho. A career driven woman, Sinan was the opposite of Steye, and widely regarded as a bad match for Lon by their friends. Lon's preference for research over advancement exacerbated the mismatch of personalities and the pair separated several years after the birth of their son. So acrimonious was their divorce that Sinan earned the title of "She who must not be named" amongst Lon's friends.

Lon's life would be forever changed in 2374 when he found himself on Betazed during the Dominion invasion of the planet. During the Occupation he put his science and engineering skills to use building weapons for the Resistance. A role he'd continue with despite losing his eyes during a rescue mission gone bad.

In 2393 Lon was part of the crew of the USS Proxima who were handed over to the Breen by the Federation in an effort to maintain peace following the destruction of the world of Hellas III. Convicted of a crime they didn't commit the crew were exiled to a maximum security Breen prison. They promptly escaped to the Cardassian demilitarized zone, stealing the Intrepid class USS Valhalla in the process, and set out proving their innocence. While they were unable to locate the people responsible for what had become known as 'The Hellas III Atrocity' the crew did gather enough evidence to prove their innocence.

[Bio constructed with information gathered from the following sources:
Service Record 2329 – born

2342-2355 – Studied science and engineering at Beatzed University, obtaining PhDs in physics and chemistry

2355-2359 Starfleet academy

2359-2363 Science Officer, USS Slayton

2363-2367 Science officer, USS Apollo

2367-2372 assistant chief science officer USS Osiris

2372-2374 Chief Science Officer, USS Proxima

2374 Betazed resistance

2374-2376 medical leave resulting from injuries sustained during the liberation of Betazed

2376-2393 Chief Science Officer, USS Proxima

2393-2394 fugitive/XO USS Valhalla